Just testing

The above post was not written by me. It was written by a renowned Scottish advisor on these matters. However, he probably does not want to be associated with me so I had better not name him. Furthermore he told me not to tell you that it was not written by me. The trouble is that I have a rebellious nature so I decided to ignore his instruction. The truth of the matter is that he told me that I should  have one of these blog things so I could brag about how wonderful I am. He informed me that it would be good for business.

Alas however I hail from the age of the dinosaur and do not understand these things. I barely know what a computer is but of course that hasn’t stopped me from representing all sorts of computer software companies as a magician at various trade shows all over North America tying in their products to my presentation. Of course I have no idea what I am chattering about when I incorporate their features and benefits into the magic tricks I do but it doesn make a dime’s worth of difference to the size of the crowds I generate and the entertainment of the passing throngs.

Since I am a complete technophobe the aforementioned advisor set this whole thing up and posted the first post. In it he stated that I had written a best selling book entitled “The Lives of a Showman”. This is correct. The “best selling” bit is a trifle more debatable. It certainly sold very well when it first came out in 2011. Or at least it did to the community of magicians who purchased it all over the world. In fact it has only been sold to magicians. Nobody else has been the slightest bit interested in it. And I haven’t sold a single one in the last two years.  Perhaps this is why my advisor suggested this blog which has given me a nervous breakdown trying to figure it all out.

Still, since I am here I might as well tell you where you can purchase my book. I have utterly no idea if the following link will come out properly since the last time I tried to put one of these awful blogs together, albeit with a different outfit, it most certainly didn’t.  Still I will find out for sure in the next minute or two. The name of the website is http://www.marklewisentertainment.com
(and it doesn’t appear to have come out right as I predicted) and go to the “For Magicians Only” section since I have no idea how to link to the exact page.  When you get there you will find the book advertised along with various other literary masterpieces written with magicians in mind.  However, the “Lives of a Showman” book will have special appeal to anyone. It covers the world of the psychic reader, the magician and the pitchman and the hustle and bustle of a showman’s life.

So ignore the “For Magicians Only” name of the book section. You don’t have to be a magician. I can assure you that I will take anyone’s money.

I have been advised that I am supposed to write at least four times a week on this blog for reasons I know not what. However, I have been assured that it will be beneficial to me and make me terribly rich and famous so I suppose I had better do it.

See you next time.

Just testing

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