The Svengali Deck

I feel a sudden urge to show a video of me doing a card trick. It is actually a trick deck and I sell them. If you wish to purchase this miracle of magic (which I am quite sure you don’t) then send me an email at  It will only cost you $10 plus shipping. Anyway here it is:

Oh, and I can do it in Russian too (or at least it looks like it)

The Svengali Deck

2 thoughts on “The Svengali Deck

  1. Performer,

    I have been enjoying your blog very much. Your 5-part story about you, the Polish acrobat, and the Turkish nightclub owner was very entertaining, as are all the videos you have posted of yourself and others performing. I had a similar rough road when I was breaking in as a professional magician back in the early 90’s. My own baptism of fire was performing for (barely) post-pubescent adolescents at Bar Mitzvahs in Miami Beach and other locales around South Florida. Following that, in 1995, I landed a regular gig at Malone’s Magic Bar at the Boca Raton Resort and Beach Club, owned my my good friend and mentor in magic, Bill Malone. The bar was always crowded – with tourists and corporate executives literally elbow to elbow – and Bill didn’t want one person who came in to the Bar to leave without seeing magic – so those performance conditions presented a unique and formidable challenge. I learned so much from those early experiences.

    I sincerely hope you keep posting prolifically on the Genii Forum. I have learned quite a bit from what you have had to say, I always look forward to reading your comments, and I truly do relish your wit and wisdom. Between you and me, I honestly don’t even know if I would keep reading and posting on there if you weren’t a part of it.

    Magically yours,

    PS After watching David Nixon (he’s a great! entertainer) perform the jumbo three card monte long ago (I think the video was from 1965), I realized that the heavily marketed and popular “Skinner Monte” isn’t original at all. The three cards are exactly the same, and obviously, so are the gaffs. Personally, I have always much preferred the regular three card monte with no gaffs and the tossing of the cards. That is far more exciting to me, and I believe, to the spectators, as well. It always struck me as very suspicious the awkward way the cards are gripped (thumb over the corner pip) in the gaffed version. Additionally, I think the gaffed version, which typifies the “too perfect” theory is suspicious to laymen, and that they know there are trick cards even if they do not see the gaff. That being said, of course one cannot toss those jumbo cards, and I think I would be open to doing the monte like David did for platform and stage work if I could find a set of those cards. Somehow in the jumbo format it does not seem suspicious, and I think it would play very well in a stand-up show.


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