Character and persona.

Young magicians often ask me what is the most important part of being a good magician. I would say unhesitatingly that it is nothing to do with the trick. It is how you present the trick. I have always said that a trick is merely a peg to hang your personality on. In other words YOU are the magic not the trick!

It is not the trick that is important so much as the illusion you create about yourself. A good magician does not present magic. He presents HIMSELF doing magic! You can present what seems to be a weak trick and get tremendous reaction from it if you have the personality to put it across. In fact you can often put a magician who has stronger material into the shadows if your persona and character is an interesting one.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you should do bad tricks. In fact you are better off with strong material. All I am saying is that the personality of the performer should come first. His tricks are of secondary concern.

The legendary magician and mindreader Joseph Dunninger once stated, “Any trick will do. Even nail through finger (this is a cheap novelty item often performed by schoolboys) will suffice if you have some way of magnetising and hypnotising that audience.

I agree 100 percent with that.

Character and persona.

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