David Nixon again

I mentioned in my last entry that my favourite magician was David Nixon. Here is a full show of his.  There is a magician on that show that I knew personally named Victor Burnett who passed away far too young. I understand that despite his beautiful act he became disillusioned with showbusiness. It is after all a tough business.
Now this is a long show to watch but I think it will be worth it for those of you who would like to see a very charming magician. His magic was actually a vehicle for his personality.

David Nixon again

2 thoughts on “David Nixon again

  1. I miss Victor. A real cockney. Down to earth and very talented. He died so young. But there was another magician I knew from the old days who died even younger. 18 years old. Also very talented. His name was Ashton Brits from South Africa. Who knows what he would acheived if he had lived………………….


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