Marmaduke the Wonder Mouse!

I once wrote a little book for magicians called Marmaduke the Wonder Mouse. It is devoted to a little pocket trick involving a little plastic or rubber mouse which runs all over the hands and crawls around all over the place like a real mouse.

Here is a video of the little creature in action. Alas in a spirit of great forgetfulness I forgot to include two little tricks. One is that the mouse is suppose to roll over on it’s back and then right itself and another little sequence is that I take a ring and put it over a pencil and the ring rises up the pencil! The pencil trick in the video is actually part of the mouse demonstration believe it or not! Once you view the video you will know what I am talking about.

For those magicians who are interested in purchasing the book ( I include a free mouse with each book!) you can obtain it here:

And here is the video. Enjoy:

Marmaduke the Wonder Mouse!

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