I am a psychic too!

In addition to my activities as an entertainer I also do Tarot Readings! Most of my clients are private sessions but occasionally I am actually booked to do readings at corporate functions. The types of readings at these events are usually 5 minute affairs done for entertainment and do not get into the clients troubles and worries.  It is a wonderful thing to be hired to do walk around magic for an hour or so then set up in a quiet corner and finish the rest of the evening doing palm readings. And quite frankly the palmistry is often an even  bigger hit than the magic!

However, I also do one hour long private sessions for people too consisting of palmistry, tarot, I Ching and Numerology and exhibit at many psychic fairst throughout the year.

I know all this is nothing to do with magic but I have to fill this blog up with something! Anyway here is a video which might interest some of you. Incidentally the girl in the video is my niece Sharon Lewis who is the only other entertainer in the family! She is a singer songwriter and very good indeed at it.

I am a psychic too!

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