Another Card Trick!



OK. I still have no idea what to write about so how about another card trick? Another trick from my unpublished book.

The next piece of magic is based on an old schoolboy trick but with an added variation which makes it twice as effective. It is known as the


Deal twenty-one cards face down on the table into three piles consisting of seven cards in each section. The cards should be dealt alternately from left to right rotating between the packets until there are seven cards in each packet.

When this is done ask the spectator to select a packet. When he does so turn the pile face up so the faces of the cards are visible. Now ask him to mentally select one card and keep it in his mind. Now turn the packet face down. Gather up all three face down piles from the table placing the selected pile in the centre of the three packets.

You now have a complete packet of all twenty-one cards in your hands. The first seven cards consist of one of the formerly tabled piles, the next seven contain the selected pile with the chosen card among them somewhere and the remaining seven cards consist of the last of the three packets. Thus the selected pile is sandwiched between the other two packets.

Deal the cards face down from left to right into three heaps of seven cards each in the same way you did at the beginning. While doing so you chatter amiably asking the spectator if he considers himself to be a good guesser or not. Regardless of the answer ask him which of the three face down piles he thinks contains his selected card.

He makes his selection and you pick up the chosen heap and show him the faces of the cards. Ask if his card is there. If it is then congratulate him on his intuition. If it isn’t then remark that he is perhaps only an average guesser and invite him to try again. If he gets it right this time then congratulate him, if he doesn’t then commiserate and remark that there is only one possibility left and ask him to confirm that his selected card is in the last pile.

Once you have ascertained the correct heap pick up all twenty-one cards from the table just like you did before, placing the packet with the mentally selected card in the middle once again.

Deal them all out face down once more alternately from left to right until you have three packets on the table again. Repeat the process of asking the spectator to guess which pile his card is in. After this extravaganza is completed and the relevant packet identified it will be very easy indeed for the magician to hone in on the spectator’s card since it will be smack in the middle of the packet occupying the fourth position! It works out this way for some odd mathematical reason that is beyond my understanding.

Now of course at this point you could simply reveal the selection out loud and apparently prove you have telepathic powers but I propose a more effective and streamlined procedure.

Take the relevant pile in your hands face down and transfer one card from the top to the bottom and say out loud the letter “T”. Now take the next card and place it to the bottom and this time you say the letter “H”. Repeat the transferring process and say the letter “I”. Now repeat again placing the top card to the bottom saying the letter “S” You have just spelled the word “This” transferring one card for each letter. Now discard the top card to one side.

Continue in this fashion spelling I-S transferring a card to the bottom with each letter you spell. Again discard the top card and lay it aside. You have just spelled the word “is” Continue by now spelling the word “the” thus:-T-H-E again transferring a card underneath with each letter spelled and again finish by discarding the top card. Now repeat the whole procedure with the word “card” as in C-A-R-D and again discard the top card to one side. Now repeat with the words “you” and “took as in -Y-O-U and -T-O-O-K. and at the end of each word lay the top card to one side with the others that have been discarded. You have just spelled the phrase “This is the card you took” When you get to the K in “Took” you will have two cards left. Discard the top one and you will have only one card left. Ask for the name of the selected card. Turn the card in your hand over and there it will be in all its amazing glory!


Another Card Trick!

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