I am hardly a fan of social media mainly on the grounds that it is beyond my comprehension but I have been amusing myself lately with this Pinterest thing. I have no idea what it is for but it is amusing me nevertheless. I intend to create photos of magicians and post them there until I get bored with the whole idea. So far I have been posting pictures only of myself which is no doubt the reason for this holding my attention so far but sooner or later I will run of of pictures and videos of myself so my self admiration will have to come to an end at some point. When it does I shall post pictures of other magicians or magic related topics.

Right now I have three pinterest boards. One has virtually nothing on it although I could have sworn I posted stuff there but the internet has always been a bit beyond me. That was my psychic related board where I would post palmistry and tarot related material.

However, I have two other boards which are magic related. One consists of videos and photos of my trade show work and the other is made up of everything else that is magic related.

Anyway, here it all is:


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