Showmanship and Presentation–Contd

The third type of onlooker is the one who tries to see “how the engine works”. He will try hard to figure out the secret and will look upon the trick as a challenge. He will attempt to assuage his inferiority feelings by bringing all his intelligence to bear upon the method by which the mystery is worked. From this type of spectator we often find magicians in the making. Since they don’t know how the trick is done they will often satisfy their ego by taking up magic themselves. Now THEY can mystify people! I’ll let you into a secret; that’s how I became a magician! I would see magicians on television and get so annoyed that I didn’t know the secrets that took up magic myself!


Now we come to the fourth type of spectator who fortunately is reasonably rare. This you should be thankful for because he is the hardest to entertain. This delightful fellow will be completely expressionless throughout your exhibition. He will assume a poker face and there is no way of telling whether or not he likes what you are doing. His “defensive resentment” causes him to be on his guard; he will not allow you to attack his ego by fooling him. If you meet this specimen do not be put off. By persevering you can often get him to crack and show a little reaction. Even if he remains blank faced it doesn’t mean that he is not enjoying your show. It’s just that his ego won’t allow him to show it. If you do your best you could find that your applause comes afterwards. This often takes the form of old poker face spreading your reputation to OTHER people who haven’t seen you. He won’t tell YOU he enjoyed himself-that would undermine his ego-but he WILL praise you and the word will often get back.

Showmanship and Presentation–Contd

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