One Ahead Mindreading


OK. Just one last card trick and then I will have to think about something else to write about in the future. This is another easy one.


Secretly note the top card of the deck. Cut the pack into two sections putting the top half with the noted card away from you. So you now have a near heap and a far heap. The far heap contains the secretly noted top card. Let us assume for the sake of this description that the card is the jack of clubs. Pick up the top card from the near heap, look at it and remark, “This card here tells me that this one (indicating the top card of the far heap) is the jack of clubs”

Now replace the card in your hand on the near heap and go to the far heap displaying the jack of clubs and replace that face down on the packet. Now pick up the near heap and place it on the far heap thus burying the jack of clubs. Remember the card you looked at a moment ago. It is now the new top card of the deck. Cut the pack in half just like you did before with a far heap and a near heap. The far heap contains the new noted card at the top.

Now repeat the procedure of picking up the top card of the near heap, remembering it and stating that it tells you the name of the top card of the far heap. Of course you simply name the card you looked at and remembered the first time round. Believe it or not this bold procedure will not be noticed by your audience despite the brazenness of it. Show you are correct then replace the near heap on the far heap as you did before. Again you have a new noted top card that you looked at a moment ago.

You are now in a position to go on with this ad infinitum until either you or the audience get fed up with it. You just keep repeating the procedure and keep on naming the top card of the far heap. You can vary things occasionally if you want to by asking the spectator to cut the deck instead of yourself doing so or you can for the sake of variation turn the deck and cut them at a different angle. At any rate you continue with this until you deem it sensible to bring things to a close.

Your grand finale will be to reveal BOTH cards on EACH pile. This is accomplished by a fine piece of bluff. Cut the deck into two packets as usual, the far heap with a known card. Point to the top card of the near heap and miscall it as the known card. Pick it up with the face towards you and do not display it. Remember the name of it then point to the top card of the far heap and miscall this as the one you already have in your hand. Pick it and again do not display it. Place it with the other card so you now have the two cards side by side. Repeat the names of the two cards meanwhile mixing them up from hand to hand so the spectators will have no idea which is which. Finally show the faces to reveal that you have named both correctly. You have just performed a miracle!

One Ahead Mindreading